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We currently have 5 city networks where our mobsters cover, support and promote artists and the events. Due to COVID-19, event have gone online but coverage has not changed.


Adventure Across The Beautiful States

Incredible canyons, mountains, lakes and open National Parks to explore all the way from New York to Los Angeles.

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Music and Concerts

Need an extra push before your record launch? Need some social media buzz at your next show? Let the mob help you out!


Fashion and Design

We review fashion shows, vernissages and designer launches with full photographer and blogger coverage. Get the social media fodder you need to keep the buzz going after the lights go out.


Comedy, Improv & Sketch

There’s nothing we like doing more than laughing. Comedy, improv and sketch comedy are topics we’re always ready to cover and support.


Theatre & Performance Arts

Culture is where our roots are. We love experiencing theatre and all it has to offer from show to show.

Festivals and Conferences

Hire a street team to cover your event before, during and after the fun is done.